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Top T3 Features

T3 is a feature rich training suite. It is 100% cloud based and is designed to work with most plug and play devices
and mobile platforms. Below are just a few examples of the most common requested features. T3 provides
full training facility management including tons of customization without having to know how to write code. Very
granular permission control with full audit logs. Below are just a few examples of the most common requested features.

Online Payments

T3 utilizes Authorize.net as a payment gateway to insure secure online payment transactions. Each training facility is integrated directly from their T3 portal to their Authorize.net account. This allows for prepaying during scheduling, online invoice payments (paperless billing), and seamless refunds. We also do not store any credit card information, only a token related to that transaction.

Online Scheduling

T3 is a wizard driven application. The scheduling process is a simple 3 step wizard that allows you to add and schedule multiple trainees at the same time and select custom payment options for each trainee and each course.

Mobile Friendly

T3 is written utilizing HTML 5 and a fully responsive UI that allows the web based application to be viewed on almost any device.


T3 provides many reports with many more to come. All reports can be printed, or exported
directly to Word, Excel, or as a PDF. Every report is searchable, and include sortable column headers.

  • Aging Summary

  • Client Open Invoices

  • Credit Limit

  • CSR Daily Drawer

  • CSR Daily Roster

  • CSR Summary

  • CSR Transfer

  • Deposit Summary

  • Invoice Payment

  • Manual Invoices Summary

  • Membership Summary

  • Override Courses

  • Payment Summary

  • Trainee Volume

  • Training Check-in

  • Training Volume Details

  • Training Volume

Online Store

The online store allows the training facility to fully manage store items. T3 will automatically calculate the taxes based off of the site the item is purchased from and deduct the quantity.

Badge Checking

Badge checking allows the client to view the trainees badge in real time. T3 will show the exact badge that the trainee should have, and then show details of specific courses that the clients wants to see. The system will also ping external background services in real time.

External Services

T3 provides integration directly from your T3 portal to the following external services. Some of these servers allow interaction while others only allow for real time pinging.

  • Authorize.net

  • First Advantage

  • Security Passport

  • DISA

  • S2V

  • GIS

What people say about T3


" T3 is a one stop shop that benefits everyone. Using the T3 database makes for a more streamlined and speedy process. " - Melissa Clark


“T3 is easy to use, with impressive features and functionality. As an Operations Manager, knowing all aspects of my company at the click of a button has been a huge benefit. With advanced data collection, improved visibility and availability, T3 provides us the opportunity to grow our business and make better decisions about the way we operate.“- Dixi Dufrene

New Releases

Below is a list of new features and bug fixes for the T3 platform. If you have any questions,
feel free to contact us at gcdinfo@gulfcoastdata.com.

Update: 06-21-2016

Added the validation on the history page, now the system will not show the edit option for the non-checked-in courses.

Removed the validation from the clients renewal date field, now user can select the future date too.

Added “Code” search option in the service grid.

Made the future and current course bar both equal in size on the check in form.

Increased the text field size of Title/Position field in company and billing contact page.

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Added the logo on the billing notification mail template. Now it is supported in outlook too.

Added the blue color in the top bar in the notification mail, previously it was not working for some of the notification mail.

Added the pagination in the refund grid. Also, the trainee section will show N/A if the trainee is not available.

Removed the required validation from the trainee ID/SSN field and added functionality to make the refund of manual invoice.

Fixed the issue of empty trainee summary page. Previously if the user deleted the first course from the course grid by editing the registration the summary was showing empty. The issue is fixed and working fine.

Fixed the issue in invoice selection functionality to make payment. Previously system was not showing the total amount of selected invoices percent on the different page in the grid.

Made the UI changes of course profile form.

Added validation on course tab of registration wizard, on inserting the past date manually in the training date the system will give an error message.

Update: 06-16-2016

New configuration of Authorize.net to support AKAMAI SureRoute.

Update: 06-09-2016

Added the functionality of “Require signature”. Added the checkbox on course\service profile. On the check in screen, if user checks in the course for which the require signature is true then on click the check in button system will open the SSV form first and after submitting the form the popup for check in signature will get opened.

Resolved the issue of duplicate receipt in receipt log.

Renamed the check in page section title to “Valid History”, “Invalid History”, “Valid Transfer History” and “Invalid Transfer History”.

Added functionality to show the badge in default yellow if the front bottom section is empty.

Fixed the issue: previously in case of partial payment of group of invoices, the system was deducting the given amount from all the invoices.

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Resolved the issue of notification mail failing in case of capital letter in email address.

Made the change in the font family of invoice notification email.

Modify the functionality of “Use council credential”. Previously if the checkbox is checked and client has FADV credentials then the system was using the client credential. Now, if it is true then system will use the council credential.

Resolved the issue if invalid date in invoice payment detail. Previously the system was showing the invoice creation date. Now it will show the payment date.

Added new field “Email” in credit application reference form.

Deployed the pending functionality of the “service code on the basis of council”. Now the system will auto select the services on selecting their respective package.

Restricted the client user to set the trainee image.

Update: 06-06-2016

Removed the council logo from the billing invoice template.

Changed the column header name from "DUEDATE" to "DUE DATE" and "BALANCEDUE" to "BALANCE DUE".

Update: 06-01-2016

Modified the scripts use to fetch the history. Previously if a trainee attempted a course then history was showing the status of last attempt only. Now the history section will show the details of all the attempt.

Added validation on the badge to list only the checked in curses. Previously the badge was not showing check-in prepay courses.

Change the email template of all the email generated from the system according to given template design

Added validation to the trainee ID/SSN field in the complete application it will not allow searching with value more than nine digits.

Listed the external site on the emergency holiday popup window. Also disabled the council holiday and the emergency day on the date picker of course schedule, course/service registration and add schedule history page. Previously, it was working for the holiday only and the emergency day was handled from the back end.

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Added functionality to open the signature window automatically with a notification message if the user clicks on the pay button without the signature for the card payment.

Modify the functionality to show the empty values for the invoice ID detail. Previously the system was showing the 0 if invoice number was not present.

Added sorting on the different column of BCG status grid. Added the option to search by trainee ID/SSN.

Added log on the course and server profile page. Also added the log on the each section of requirement page of course wizard.

Added functionality of receipt log on the client landing page with validation to show the receipts generated only for the client logged in user.

Changed the position of the phone number and extension field.

Resolved the issue with forgot password, now the system will redirect the user to their specific council log in page after the successful password reset.

Resolved the issue of the wrong description on the activity log. Added the separate log message for the badge check.

Added new field on the council website on the council profile tab. The provided information will show on the badge.

Modify the authentication functionality on badge check. Previously the system was pinging service only when the package is present in the trainee history, Now update the functionality, the system pings the FADV each time without depending on the trainee history.

Modified the default template of SSV form. Removed the unsupported items from it which give an error at the time of saving the SSV page.

Made some UI changes on the training volume summary report.

Modify the invoice attachment functionality. Added the mail template with invoice details and link at the place of attachment according to provided template design.

Resolved the issue with the payment window getting blocked by the UI blocker if the user continues complete or cancel the payment window.

Made some UI changes on the badge view for front courses.

Added functionality to show the “Yes” by default for E-Invoice field on the client profile.